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Isamu Noguchi – Akari 10A

'Akari' is the Japanese word for light, with connotations to the illumination
and physical lightness of this atmospheric paper lamp.

The Akari range was designed by Japanese artist Isamu Noguchi, a collection of over 100 lights that utilise Shoji-paper craft. Each product is crafted by hand in a family-owned workshop in Gifu, a Japanese town renowned for its production of traditional paper parasols and lanterns.

Mounted on steel wire tripod legs, the Akari 10A also features bamboo elements, accentuating the naturalistic approach to its construction. Diffused through the folded paper, the overall effect of the bulb is akin to that of the sun, transforming the harshness of electricity into a warm and soothing glow.


53 W  
123 H