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Ingo Maurer Lampampe Lamp. The uniquely beautiful Lampampe table lamp was created by successful lighting designer Ingo Maurer for his namesake company in 1980. This is one of Ingo Maurer’s most attractive table lamps. German lighting prodigy Ingo Maurer is often called “a poet of light”.  Able to infuse a simple object like a light bulb for example with a poetic exploration of a conceptual theme, German lighting prodigy Ingo Maurer’s work bridges art and function.  The Lampampe by Ingo Maurer is a true classic and a fine example of Ingo Maurer’s artistry.
Ingo Maurer’s fascinating Lampampe light sculpture captures the imagination and is uniquely different. Lampampe owes its gently design to the use of Japanese paper, which, as an intended design element is wrinkled.  Lampampe puts out a gentle diffused light which intensifies its beautiful impression.


Diameter 80
Hight 75 cm